If you want to make sure that your advertisement will be noticed, if you need space and equipment for organising an event or you're simply looking for the ideal gift for your business partners –  check out our offer!

Advertising in public garages and open parking lots

Advertising in public garages and open parking lots


In order that you too achieve the best business results and become a recognisable brand in your field of work,  recognize us as the business partner with whom you'll achieve your goals...


located within the biggest modern garage-business complex in the centre of the city of Rijeka, with 5 floors and 900 parking spaces, this garage is the main point of car access to the city centre at the end of the main pedestrian zone of Korzo and Dolac.


located at the beginning of the pedestrian zone of Fiumare and Korzo, at the entrance of the old city core with 450 parking spaces it represents the main access point to the pedestrian-business zone of Korzo.


- located frontally in relation to the direction of car and user movement

- garage accessible 24/7

- possibility of advertising on 2 types of advertising panels:

1.  advertising panel with a 3 x 2 m format located directly at the entrance of each garage floor

2.  advertising panel with a B1 (70 x 100 cm) located in the entry/exit stairway


- a frequency of over 2000 daily advert viewers per garage:

Stari Grad garage – flow of 2600 people daily/ 78 000 monthly per garage

Zagrad garage – flow of 2400 people daily / 72 000 monthly per garage

- the average garage user uses his/her parking space between 1-2 hours

- a wide range of potential buyers, considering the location (centre of the city of Rijeka)

- attractive target group – the average garage users belong to the 25-50 age group, they are educated, employed and they receive regular monthly pays (target: entrepreneurs, the employed, citizens with a higher purchasing power, people with a decision-making or leadership working position)

The ideal parking space for your advertisement!


Marketing and web design services we offer are of great importance in bringing our services and products closer to the public, and so is our cooperation with other companies that have recognised the parking lot as a potential advertising space.

Advertising can be carried out on posters, panels, flyers or by designing web-pages with a complete offer of the facility:

Tel.: +385 (0) 51 688 400
Fax.: +385 (0) 51 688 402






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